What Is a Transponder Key, and Why Do I Need One?

blog Transponder keys have come standard in most cars manufactured since 2000. This type of key is an integral security feature of most cars, helping prevent theft. If you don’t currently have a transponder key, or you need adjustments to your key, there are plenty of options in the Morrisville, PA area for car key […]

How Can a Locksmith Replace Smart Keys Without the Original?

blog One of the top things you look for in a car is practicality, and having a smart key system is a significant part of that. Instead of having to worry about an ignition switch — or even manually locking and unlocking your doors — you can start your vehicle by simply pressing a button. […]

When Do I Need to Call in a Commercial Locksmith?

blog When Do I Need to Call in a Commercial Locksmith? For business owners and property managers, keeping your buildings safe and secure becomes a full-time job. While you may think that involves expensive security systems and on-call security services, sometimes all you need is an updated locking mechanism for your doors and windows. When […]

What’s the Difference Between Laser-Cut and Regular Keys?

blog Like most people, you probably give your car keys little thought until they become damaged or you need to get a duplicate. How you approach replacing your car keys depends primarily on whether your keys are regular keys or laser-cut keys: Regular Keys Traditional, regular-cut keys are also referred to as mechanical keys. This […]