When Do I Need to Call in a Commercial Locksmith?

For business owners and property managers, keeping your buildings safe and secure becomes a full-time job. While you may think that involves expensive security systems and on-call security services, sometimes all you need is an updated locking mechanism for your doors and windows. When you feel that time has come to give your doors new locks, doing the process yourself may seem like a cost-effective alternative, but you can end up doing more harm than good without a professional touch. Hiring a professional locksmith can help you avoid mistakes in reinstalling your locks and ensure your commercial property is as safe as possible. But when exactly do you need to call in a local locksmith service to help your property?

You Need Replacement Keys

Whether you had an employee misplace a key or you need duplicates made for new managers, a commercial locksmith can help you make your new keys. Keeping your supply of duplicate keys plentiful ensures your staff can enter and close up the facilities without issue.

You Need to Rekey Your Facilities

If you found that your facility has been burglarized or a former employee stole a set of keys, a commercial locksmith service can help you resecure your facilities. No matter your type of business, ensuring your facilities are as secure as possible provides you and your employees a sense of safety and security that helps create that ideal work environment.

You’re Opening Up a New Location

As businesses continue to grow and thrive, opening secondary locations and facilities to accommodate that growth jumps to the top of their priority list. When they open that second facility, instead of trying to retrofit the new doors to work with the existing keys, making a brand new set for your new locations makes more sense. A commercial locksmith service can help you further secure your new location. When you first start opening a second location, you have the work crews going in and out of your facility, either using existing keys from what the building was before, or you’re starting from the ground up. After those jobs are done, you want to ensure that you still have a completely secure facility if you find you have misplaced a key or it wasn’t returned. Our commercial locksmith service can help you properly secure your new location with brand new, professionally installed locks.

You Need One Master Key for Multiple Locations

Whenever you have a business owner operating multiple locations, keeping track of all of the keys you need for each space can prove a unique organizational challenge. Instead of working harder to keep track of which key opens which door, having one master key made for every facility can make your life easier. Our locksmith service provides business owners with the ability to have specific keys to enter their different facilities without juggling which set of keys they have to bring that day. With Car Keyline’s help, we can ensure you’re still able to do all of the tasks you need in each location.

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Commercial Locksmith Needs

With our array of products and services, we help business owners and property managers handle the variety of locksmith needs you experience daily. We want to ensure that your building remains as secure as possible and that you can experience much-deserved peace of mind thanks to your new lock system. Contact the Car Keyline team to schedule your first appointment today!

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